OrcaCon 2017 has ended
Welcome to the OrcaCon 2017 Schedule. We’re excited to present so many great games, panels, and workshops for you experience at OrcaCon. Once Ticket Registration is open, you’ll be able to purchase memberships to OrcaCon, which will give you access to this schedule. 

Questions?  please email info@OrcaCon.org

Thanks for your support of OrcaCon 2017! 

Mad Capt. John

Really looking forward to this convention. It will be the first time we have attended. I have heard good thing about it!
I will be running games! I love RPG's and LARP's. Right now I am mainly running 7th Sea 2 Edition RPG at conventions throughout the West. At home I am running a campaign using it! Therefore, I will run to sessions of 7th Sea 2 ed at this convention. Email if you have questions.

My Moderators Sessions

Friday, January 13

2:00pm PST

Saturday, January 14

2:00pm PST